Monday, April 20, 2009

Snowbasin closing day

A band on the plaza, good times!

I made it up to Snowbasin for closing day, and took a couple afternoon slush runs. Wanted to hike Mt Ogden (SE chutes, above), or the Taxman steeps (below, center, in the shade, this is a short shot that measures a solid 60 degrees), but the late start, and a pinched nerve aggravated by my boots made it a short day. I did get some more photos though.

On Saturday, April 18, I participated in the first whitewater slalom race at the newly installed course at the Ogden Kayak park. Good times! Water temp was 42 degrees, but the sun made it feel warmer. Someone said I was sixth, just one spot away from the prizes. I'll have to practice for next time!
The last 1/3rd of this video shows the end of the slalom course:

More video to come...

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