Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally Snowing again!

I may actually get out tomorrow- its finally dumping again in the Wasatch!!!

Somehow didn't keep up the blog during kayaking season, which can continue all winter if you want, especially in the PNW.

Some good shots from last season, just looking through them. Above, thats a shot of a peak I did a snowboard descent on last season, that had a 60 degree section (the peak on the left, the right line toward the treed NE ridge. The photo is kinda looking at the east face ).

Below, look at those rocks! I was suprised to look down this and see those rocks, because I snowboarded this line the spring before, and those rocks were all COVERED. It was a 60 degree bulge, with one obstacle to contend with. This is one way to get to Crazy Larrys (the most "staying-on-the-ridge" way).

Crazy Larrys, down to the Scary Larrys entrance. Super quality, a 53 to 54 degree sustained section. I did that line twice last year, and once the year before.