Friday, April 3, 2009

The Banana chute and Mt Allen. Mt Allen's NW rib from the NW, framed by the Banana chute on the left, and Scary Larrys on the right.  There are some difficult lines in here waiting for a wandering alpinist with rock boards. 

Epic day in the Snowbasin backcountry last Tuesday; we did 5 runs off the top of Mt Allen finishing with a run out to 27th street (ok, kind of a loong hike out the bottom ;-)! I thought it was around 16,500 total vertical, but my buddies altimeter said over 17,000. 

Scary Larrys runs from the uppermost left to the lower right. Its hard to pick out here, but it is an epic chute. I'll have to try to get some good photos of this chute; its hard to see it all from anywhere, except from the air I suppose. 

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